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Photo: Sang Valte

Jennifer Gracey, Founder & Director of The Altar IHOP, Tokyo has been in Japan since 1999 and active in ministry since the mid 2000s. She operates in the apostolic, prophetic, healing & deliverance realms. The glory and presence of the Holy Spirit manifest in strong and unique ways when she ministers; both corporately and individually. In worship and prayer sessions, throne room experiences and encounters are not uncommon and many have been deeply impacted by God because of it.

Jennifer first learned of the prayer & worship movement in 2001 through her cousin who served for a season in the early days at IHOP-KC. Captivated by the house of prayer paradigm and desperate for more of God, she prayed, “Please send someone to start a house of prayer in Tokyo so I can go to it.” Exactly seven years later at a conference under the leadership of Dennis See (currently Directing Harrisburgh Justice HOP) God made it clear that “she” was the person He was commissioning to launch the house of prayer in Tokyo she’d prayed about. With a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, “And yes, you can go to it” was part of the deal. November 5, 2008 was the date The Altar IHOP, Tokyo officially hosted it’s first public meeting.

Summer 2009 began a six month season of working closely with Dennis See in Pennsylvania. This time of intensive mentorship and coaching afforded Jennifer the opportunity to attend a leadership conference at IHOP-Atlanta. As the awakening broke out there in early 2010, she encountered God in a powerful way. She also spent that season relationship building with the many in Pennsylvania House of Prayer Network. The following six months were spent in Kansas City working with Kirk Bennet, an IHOP-KC senior leadership team member. Those six months included powerful times of relationship building and multiple God encounters at the awakening before her return to Japan where six months later, the 9.0 earthquake struck. The March 11, 2011 earthquake opened a whole new realm of mobile house of prayer ministry in the crisis and disaster arena including such places as the Philippines (2013) and Iraq (2014.)

Jennifer was born and raised in Alaska and attended fashion design school in Southern California back in the day. She’s married to “Mr. Awesome” from North East India and when possible, functions as a crisis & disaster responder/ international humanitarian aid worker with US based Crisis Response International —specializing in overseas deployments. She’s also an award winning film producer and an aspiring writer/photographer/filmmaker who LOVES to travel around the world with Jesus- listening to Him share His perspective on the nations, peoples and cities of the earth.

To learn more about Jennifer, connect with her through social media and/or peruse her writings, prophetic words and ministry reports please go Gracey4Journey to view her blog. To invite her to speak at your church, ministry event or meeting, click the button below.



Communications Director & Events Coordinator (photo coming soon)
Rachel Carvosso has been in Japan since 2004. Growing up in a pastoral family in the United Kingdom her early journey encompassed a burning desire to know the truth and to experience authentic spirituality and relationship with God. It wasn’t until she came to Japan that she encountered God in a way that was undeniable, a God who will not let the broken and lost ones go. This started to connect a patchwork of childhood visions and experiences which began to make sense and tell a larger story; one of a God who sees, knows and loves.

Increasingly, she has been able to participate in workshops, healing ministry, conferences in Japan and abroad. These experiences connected the dots between intercession, arts and worship. She actively participated in relief efforts after the 2011 earthquake through the church and secular organizations but her passion is to see peoples inner hearts transformed by the presence of God.

With a background in Arts and experience as a teacher, writer, curator and serial multitasked she is excited about this season of serving at The Altar IHOP, Tokyo.