The Altar IHOP, Tokyo

building His altar of worship in earth's largest cities

Our Meetings

Our Meetings

Our meetings or “sessions” are normally scheduled for 2 hours though they can go slightly longer or finish sooner. Typically, the prayer & worship portion is about 1 hour 30 minutes with up to 15 minutes at the beginning and end reserved for greetings, announcements, specific prayer requests, testimonies, personal ministry, clean up, etc.

We’ve met on rooftops, underground, in parks, at ports, cafes, churches, and on the road. Teams from YWAM, Bethel Church, IHOP-KC, Youth For Christ, Christ For The Nations, Campus Crusade For Christ and other groups regularly visit. And they’ve come quite literally from all directions- near and far. Got a visiting missions team in town? Send us a heads up here.

 Our Liturgy

All times are rough estimates and not every session will  follow this structure explicitly. To learn more about Harp & Bowl style worship, please refer to the Our Worship page.

5-15 minutes | Opening, Introductions & Brief Message/Devotional

60-90 minutes | Prayer, Intercession and Harp & Bowl Style Worship

5-30 minutes | Closing, Personal Ministry, Fellowship, etc.