The Altar IHOP, Tokyo

building His altar of worship in earth's largest cities

Our Funding & Support

Our Funding & Support

The Altar IHOP, Tokyo is supported by those who attend meetings and give offerings. We also gladly accept donations from ministries and believers overseas.

While having no fixed location (or a building lease) helps keep our operational overhead at a minimum- it does exist.  Running and operating a ministry, planning and hosting events, hosting short term missions teams, maintaining our website, renewing ministry licenses & memberships, paying usage fees for facilities, etc. is still quite costly and we put all the support we receive to good use.

If you feel compelled to support us and by extension, the prayer & worship movement in Japan and Asia, please contact us directly. We will inform you on how to best do so based on your particular geographic region.

Presently, our monthly needs are for $1,500 USD/¥150,000 JPY and we are looking for partners who desire to help us reach that goal.