The Altar IHOP, Tokyo

building His altar of worship in earth's largest cities

Location & Schedule

Our Schedule

Thank you for taking the time to check our schedule. We’re in a season of transition and are not currently hosting public prayer meetings. We are however, working on a few big behind the scenes projects. One is coming to Tokyo in June 2017 and the other October.

Day:      no meeting scheduled

Time:    7.00-9.00 pm

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May: no meetings scheduled

June: no meetings scheduled

July: no meetings scheduled

*please confirm schedule before attendance, meetings may be cancelled/rescheduled due to weather or unanticipated events

Our Location

The Altar IHOP, Tokyo is partnering with IPPN for these meetings.

Address in English:
Ohchu Yokohama Bldg. 9F
2-16-20 Minami Saiwai, Nishi-ku
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken

Address in Japanese:
神奈川県横浜市西区南幸2-16-20 オーチュー横浜ビル9階

Nearest Station:      Yokohama
Nearest Exit:             JR West Exit
Details:                       The church is about a 5 minute walk from the station. The lower floors of the building sell manga, comic and game related items. There is a cafe called “Oriental Cafe” on the street level of the building.


Do you have an available venue in Tokyo that you’d like to open up for house of prayer sessions? Please let us know! We’d love to talk partnership! For more details, refer to our Our Associations and Our Meetings pages.

Interested in short term trainings and want to teach your people more about the prayer & worship movement? Read more on Our Associations page.